Chinchillas! Meet Drucilla

Drucilla is the chinchilla who has been with me the longest. She’s a little love muffin and absorbs all the pets I can give her. She doesn’t like being picked up or eating rosehips. Every time I pick her up, she quivers in terror and emits a “scared” odor. Poor thing. She trusts me enough to squeeze her face during pets but not to pick her up.


Drucilla as a baby before she ever came to me. Photo by the breeder. Can you blame me for choosing this little face?



She came to me at three months old when I finally realized I could fulfill my lifelong dream to own a chinchilla. I was sent a message by a friend about a breeder in a nearby town and originally negotiated to own two other chinchillas before we settled upon Drucilla. Daughter of ribbon-winning show chinchillas, it’s easy to see. She’s a beautiful little fluff.

I had her for two months and she often spent her time sitting on her shelf, staring at me. I decided she was lonely and started looking for another chinchilla to be her best friend.

2015-01-31 06.50.51-1Drucilla, Dru, Droobs, or most recently, Gerbs.




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