“Fluid” a short story in sci-fi romance anthology Love Across the Universe

Iyonne has despaired of ever finding the right woman for her. But when she crash-lands on a seemingly uninhabited planet, she finds her. Sissiasandra has been alone for so long, the last of her kind. She believes that she will never again know love. Until Iyonne walks onto her beach. The two fall in love instantly, but there is one big hurdle to their happy ending. Iyonne cannot live in the ocean, and Sissiasandra cannot leave the sea to walk on land. Will they overcome their separation or are they doomed to live alone forever?  Buy at Amazon

Flame of Hope

Flame of Hope is set in a Victorian-like world not unlike the US in the 1890s. It follows Serazia, a 16-year-old black lesbian shapeshifter who takes on both human and dragon forms. She takes on a mission to save her friend from the clutches of a sociopathic elf bent on taking ultimate power, but is pushed into the role of an avenging goddess on the fast track to become the Creator’s new wife. The only way she can save both her friend and the world is to murder the Creator’s current wife, keeping the goddess’s power from the clutches of the elf. The price? Being trapped in a loveless marriage for the rest of eternity to a god who may at any time replace her in the same way he wishes her to replace his current wife. Opposed by both the mad elf and the entire human cult to the goddess, Serazia must decide what makes life worth living.

Olive of the Sky

Olive, a young half-Seneca woman from 1920s New York City gets sent to live with her grandmother after disgracing the family by kissing her best female friend at her society debut party. There, she discovers that not everything is as she remembers it about the long-past death of her grandfather. She teams up with her grandmother’s black chauffeur to understand why the very trees seem to want to kill her and where her grandmother goes when she disappears.