Beatrice: Cute but Crazy

After I had Drucilla a few months, she seemed lonely and out-of-sorts. I brought her to the vet, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. So I decided that she must need a friend. So I found Beatrice. I must admit I picked her over another chinchilla, closer in age to Drucilla, because she is gorgeous. Seriously, she’s the most beautiful chinbaby in the world.

But I found out pretty fast that she is a crazy, crazy critter. When I first got her, I used fleece liners in her cage. She would look me in the eye and pull the fleece into the corner of her cage and sit on it with an angry look on her face. When you open the door of her cage, she grabs your hand and pushes it out of her way so she can escape. She will only allow me to pet her through the bars of the cage. If you try to pet her and she doesn’t want you to, she will get in her wheel and without breaking eye contact, run furiously toward you.

She’s a weird one. Sadly, she never got along with Drucilla, but I sure love her.

2014-03-06 15.47.30

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