Wednesday Morning Coffee

The invention of the hoop skirt in the southern states during the Victorian period really did stand to reason. Have you seen how many layers the average Victorian lady wore? There’s at least four layers of petticoats (for propriety, you can’t have any gentlemen even getting the impression that you have legs, let alone get a glimpse of their shape), topped by bustle or other type of flounce (also sometimes worn as a separate layer over top the skirt), and a skirt. On the top, there was a a chemise, a corset, and a corset topper, only to be covered by a shirt and a jacket. Good gravy.

When I wore a similar construction as a Halloween costume this past year, I was hot. Capital letters hot. H. O. T hot. And it was October and already chilly. I was not even wearing any of the proscribed petticoats, bustle, chemise, or corset. And I was still ready to die.Really, it’s no wonder there are so many stories of Victorian ladies fainting. It wasn’t their delicate constitutions, it was that they were just overheated.*

2014-10-31 20.05.42

So really, a construction that holds your dress out from your body must have been the only way to survive. That and the paper fan. Thank heavens someone invented shorts.

* this is not an actual fact. Please do not include this in a history paper.

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